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logo-AVEPThe Association for Valencian companies in the Plastics industry is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 1977. Nowadays AVEP represents almost 200 companies of which 80% form part of the plastic processing industry in the Valencian region. AVEP aims to:• Represent the common interests of its members to regulatory and other authorities

  •  Provide fiscal, legal, administrative, financial, economic and technological assistance to its members
  •  Elaborate studies and publish reports and bulletins including information about production, import, export and consumption figures
  •  Commercial promotion development both at national and international level, providing the management and dissemination services required.

AVEP is affiliated to several commissions in the Chambre of Commerce, CEV, the Valencian Industry Confederation, CEPYMEV, Industry Confederation of Small and Medium sized Entreprises in the region of Valencia, FETRAPLAST, the Spanish Federation for Plastic Processing companies, AIMPLAS, the technology institute for the Plastics industry and ITENE, the technology institute for the Packaging and Transport Industry.

Recently AVEP has been involved in different innovative RDI projects at European Level:

a- CLUSTERPLAST whose aim is to help plastics manufacturers in different European regions to meet the challenges posed by global changes.

b- PLASTIVAL. The creation of the Valencian Plastics Cluster based on RTD following a strategy of cooperation between the different entities, backed up by research, the project participants will elaborate an RTD Roadmap, to identify potential Research and Development projects and to draw up an operational framework for the cluster

Dissemination initiatives related to plastics composites:

- Promotional activities and a communication plan for plastics composites.

Congress "Plastics Composites: the Competitive Factor" ("Los Composites Plásticos: Factor de Competitividad") andCongress "Plastics Composites in Architecture as a Creative, Innovative and Competitive Factor" ("Los Composites Plásticos en la Arquitectura como Factores de Creatividad, Innovación y Competitividad"):

Overseas Action Plan:

  • Promotional activities in fairs and commercial missions
  • Assessment and dissemination of overseas commerce conferences and meetings. Globalisation, AFIN, PIPE, Brandex, Market Landing
  • Assessment for our members
  • Languages of dissemination: English, French and German
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