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OMPGOMPG (Ostthüringische Materialprüf-gesellschaft für Textil und Kunsrsoffe mbH) was founded in 1992 and is a 100% subsidiary of TITK (Thüringishes Institut für Textil und Kunstsoff) , one of the largest industrial research institutes in Eastern Germany. The staff consists of scientists and specialists with high qualifications. The main activities focus on material testing and process developments for new materials with natural resources, plastics and composites. The OMPG has well equipped laboratories for research and development and also for material testing in cooperation with industrial partners. Some of the hitherto implemented works were realised in the framework of public research projects. Subject of these projects were for instance studies of the production natural fiber reinforced composites, of the fiber-matrix-adhesion in composites, of the production of long fibre granules, of the recycling of high-performance fibers, of the impact strength modification of plastics etc. The OMPG possesses series of patents dealing with own process developments, e.g. a process for the production of long-fiber reinforced granules. Other aspects of the use of technical fibers are investigated in direct co-operations with industrial partners.

In the frame of the project OMPG will develop the technologies for manufacturing composites with textile nonwovens coming from textile wastes. Another important issue is the testing of fibre reinforced plastic composites and the optimisation of the process and the properties of the composites.

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